50 Fun Facts about me that might surprise you

1 – When I’m sick or worried, I learn vocabulary from a language I know nothing about. It’s exciting because it’s all new and it allows me to distract myself from whatever is going on.

2 – I love hammocks and bought one to use in my garden in the first year after I moved out .


3 – I want to have a library room some day, where at least 3 walls are covered in bookshelves.

4- I have read 52 books within one year. Actually I did that twice. My number one tip for reading more is audio books.

5 – I was a major Harry Potter fan when I was a child and started reading the books in first grade.

6 – I taught myself how to read the basics and according to my mom the first word I read was “Haribo” – from a grocery store ad.

7- I’ve been vegan for almost 6 years now.

8 – I love learning new things. Languages, programming concepts, math, drawing, social media, …

9 – I used to kill all plants but now I have over 40 fairly happy houseplants.


10 – I have two Bachelor degrees. In mathematics and in computer science. Yes, that also means I wrote two Bachelor theses.

11 – My first program I ever wrote was a click bot that would advertise my Tumblr blog to more followers.

12 – I wear glasses since I’m 13 and I’m still getting used to it.

13 – My first programming language was Java in my first semester of university. I know barely anything of it anymore because I never use it.

14 – My most used programming language is Python. I think it’s also my favorite.

15 – I ran a half-marathon in 2014. After that I stopped running as much but I’m slowly getting back into it. Gotta get to that marathon somehow, right?

16 – I am definitely a cat person. My family had cats as long as I can remember.

17 – I love wearing grey and black and white. At most one color at any time, everything else is somehow overwhelming to me.

18 – My books are sorted by color to create a super awesome rainbow.


19 – One of my favorite books are The Night Circus and The Starless Sea, both by Erin Morgenstern.

20 – My favorite flowers are lilies.

21 – I am an only child. Well, if you don’t count the cats that my parents adopt.

22 – I don’t like olives.

23 – I learned Latin for 7 years in school and actually liked it.

24 – I am learning to love gardening since I have my own place. I used to hate the outdoors and the dirt, but having full reign over my own garden is really freeing and I love seeing things grow – except when those things are weeds, ugh.

25 – I am a big Taylor Swift fan and my favorite song by Taylor is “All Too Well”

26 – Programming languages I have some knowledge of: Java, Javascript, Python, Typescript, C, C++, Matlab. Is SQL a language?

27 – I used to be in a swimming club for 5 years.

28 – I am really scared of wasps. I am not allergic though.

29 – I love drinking iced coffee. Even in winter.


30 – I am a night owl. Getting up before 10am is really hard.

31 – My hair has been died purple, green and blond, but my natural hair color is dark blond.

32 – When I was a child, I didn’t eat anything except for Fruchtzwerge (small fruity yoghurts) for weeks. My mum was quite worried.

33 – My skin doesn’t really tan – it just gets sunburned. So I have largely given up on sunbathing.

34 – I had two guinea pigs when I was younger.

35 – I used to hate Apple because I thought they were overpriced, but this year I bought an iPad for digital note-taking and ADORE IT. Still overpriced though. Why does that pencil alone cost over 100$?

36 – I use a US keyboard layout even though I don’t live in the US, because it has the best access to programming keys like [, ], and \, ;.

37 – I have painted over 20 acrylic paintings in the past few years.


38 – My favorite video games are The Sims, Stardew Valley and Factorio.

39 – I used to play League of Legends for years and mainly played Enchanter supports like Nami, Karma and Sona.

40 – I played my first Pokémon game at 16, it was Pokémon Diamond. I DID collect the Pokémon stickers in a sticker album when I was in first grade though, so I was familiar with the first generation.

41 – I have completed NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) once. It’s a challenge where you try to write 50,000 words of a novel in one month – specifically in November.

42 – Related to that, I wanted to be an author as a child. I have since realized that I enjoy reading books more than writing them.

43 – My go-to comfort TV show is re-watching Vampire Diaries.

44 – I took guitar lessons for a few years as a teenager.

45 – I was also a gymnast as a kid for a short while. I also did ballet. I have since discovered that I enjoy endurance sports like running and swimming way more, but it was an interesting experience.

46 – I love beach vacations and city trips. I have never tried, but I’m very certain I would not enjoy camping.

47 – My favorite math module in university was Group Theory.

48 – My favorite Computer Science module was NAND to Tetris. We followed this website curriculum and basically you program a complete computer, starting with NAND gates building up to a CPU and ending with the basics of an operating system.

49 – I wear socks pretty much all the time, even when I go to bed. I also have cold feet all the time, so really I’m just trying to keep my feet from freezing off.

50 – I put garlic and chili in most dishes. I also eat jalapenos on (vegan) cheese slices for breakfast.


  1. wow, that sounds awesome. congratulations. you seems to be a very neat and hardworking person.

    your acrylic painting looks great – the colors are glossy. (on my painting tries the acrylic colors look matte as they become dry)

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